Report on First Legal Aid Drupal Users Meetup

The Legal Aid Drupal Users  Collective held its first “Meetup” webinar on May 26, 2016.  The Meetup webinar was a collaborative effort by the following:

  1. Mary Zimmerman, Idaho Legal Aid Services
  2. Steve Rapp, Idaho Legal Aid Services
  3. Kathleen Caldwell: Pine Tree Legal Assistance
  4. Jack Haycock: Pine Tree Legal Assistance
  5. Brian Dyer Stewart: BDSWorks
  6. Gwen Daniels: Illinois Legal Aid Online
  7. Brian Rowe: Northwest Justice Project
  8. Scott Friday, Scott Friday Designs
  9. Abhijeet Chavan, Urban Insight / OpenAdvocate

Webinar registrants were asked to fill out a survey before the webinar. Attendees were asked to fill out a survey after the webinar.  Results of both surveys are presented in the report.


Presentation slides

Posted: June 2, 2016