Meetup May 2016: Legal Aid Drupal Users

Do you work for a legal aid program or for a legal services organization? Do you run a legal services website?

Drupal is an open source website management system that is popular in the legal services community.  Drupal users from the legal services community across the country are collaborating to develop community capacity and facilitate the creation of innovative projects to shared by all legal aid organizations using Drupal. As part of this effort we will be holding several free Drupal User Meetups to present Drupal projects from the community, present best practices, and share tips and code.

The first Meetup webinar will include an introduction to Drupal, a showcase of legal services Drupal projects, and a discussion about topics for future webinars.

Please join us!  You don't need to know anything about Drupal or web development.  Bring your questions to ask our panel of experts.  You don't need to be an IT person; attorneys, managers, paralegals, content authors, and others are welcome.  This free webinar is open to everyone from the legal services community.

Registration Closed

This webinar is brought to you by:

Idaho Legal Aid Services, Urban Insight, Inc. / OpenAdvocate , Pine Tree Legal Assistance, BDSWorks, Northwest Justice Project and Illinois Legal Aid