DLAW 6: Open Source Platform for Public Information Websites

The Drupal for Legal Aid Websites (DLAW) initiative started in 2008 to build an open source template for statewide legal aid websites supported by the Legal Services Corporation (LSC). DLAW has evolved into a platform to power public information websites for legal services organizations and other non-profits.

DLAW includes features designed specifically for running public information websites using current best practices in web design and user experience. Features include responsive design, management dashboard, news, events, resource library, faceted website search, visual editor, multiple visual themes, web traffic analytics, social media integration, and many more. Content can be easily managed without requiring technical expertise.

DLAW is based on Drupal 7, a popular open source website management platform. DLAW is released under the GNU General Public License. To get the source code and run DLAW on your own visit https://github.com/openadvocate/dlaw6

The primary objective of the project to build the sixth version of DLAW was to improve the platform’s performance from the standpoint of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). We evaluated SEO of DLAW websites hosted on OpenAdvocate (OA)

Posted: March 5, 2018