Meetup Dec 2017: Web Content Scorecard Drupal Module

Location: Web Conference

We unveiled the content scorecard Drupal module created under a TIG grant.  The module can help prioritize legal content for updating by assigning it a score from 1 - 5, where 5 means "work on this now" and 1 means "this isn't a priority."  It integrates with your legal issue taxonomy to allow you to set factors that may affect prioritization:  how widespread the issue is, how deeply it impacts users, whether other resources exist, upcoming law change deadlines, workload impact, and last updated date.  It also optionally integrates with the Fivestar ratings module and Google analytics reporting modules to take ratings and page views into account.

Presented by Gwen Daniels, Illinois Legal Aid

Dec 14, 2017,  1pm ET / 10am PT

Content Scorecard