Open source code you can download and use for your legal services Drupal projects.

These projects have been developed and contributed by the legal services Drupal community.

To download Drupal and for more contributed Drupal modules see the Drupal website.


OpenAdvocate Projects

  • Drupal for Legal Aid Websites (DLAW)
  • WriteClearly
  • ReadClearly
  • OpenReferral
  • PBOW Pro Bono Opportunities

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Triage Module

The Triage module adds a guided pathway option for navigating content on your site.

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Slide Blocks Module

Slide Blocks is a Drupal module to create sliding blocks for mobile views. 

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Poverty Guidelines Module

A module which embeds Federal Poverty Guildelines tables into Drupal WYSIWYG pages from easy-to-use selection popup, available from Editor buttons.

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Houston AI

A module that provides API integration to the machine learning interface. Under active development; not ready for drop-in use, but it currently provides access to the Classify, classify-feedback and problem code APIs that allow Drupal sites to submit text or documents to and get back a legal problem code.

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