Meetup July 2016: Tips for Beginners, DLAW5, DrupalCon 2016

The July Legal Aid Drupal Users Meetup featured Drupal tips for beginners,  DLAW 5.0 release, a wrap-up of DrupalCon 2016, and an open discussion on Drupal in legal aid.

This event was held on July 14, 2016 at 10am Pacific / 1pm Eastern. 

Agenda & Notes

  1.  Tips on Drupal setup, security, and maintenance by Scott Friday
  2.  DLAW 5.0 Released: Open source platform for public information websites by Abhijeet Chavan
  3. How Kansas Legal Services is using DLAW5 by Melissa Nolte
  4. What I Learned at DrupalCon 2016 by Gwen Daniels
  5. Empathy in Web Design: Notes from Sara Wachter-Boettcher Keynote, by Abhijeet Chavan
    • @gadaniels72: Every question on a form is a trigger for someone. #DrupalCon @sara_ann_marie
    • @gadaniels72: When asking questions on a form, only ask for what you need. #DrupalCon
    • @legalaidtech: Kindness is letting users define themselves @sara_ann_marie at #DrupalCon
    • @legalaidtech: Kindness is asking for only what we need (on web forms). @sara_ann_marie at #DrupalCon
    • @legalaidtech: Don't ignore the "edge case". Think of it as a "stress case". Stress cases show us the weakness in our work @sara_ann_marie at #DrupalCon
    • @legalaidtech: MailChimp moved to a "neutral voice" to focus on clarity over cleverness and personality. @sara_ann_marie at #DrupalCon
    • @beloit08: Let users feel and make their own choices. Imagine their next click might be the most difficult thing they've ever done. #DrupalCon



Posted: July 7, 2016